Black History 365®

Black History 365®

Black History 365 is a K-12 textbo ok/curriculum that is being adopted by public & private schools across America -- founded/coauthored by Dr. Walter Milton, Jr. & cofounded/coauthored by Dr. Joel A. Freeman. 

Back in early 2018, Walter Milton called me (Joel Freeman) to to join him in coauthoring the project. For 2.5 years we researched, wrote and edited for 12-16 hours every day. If you can imagine, it was almost like living in the movie, "Ground Hog Day" every day.

After 2.5 years what emerged was a textbook that weighs 5.5 pounds, with 1,248 pages, 1,200 QR Codes, and 2,567 images throughout.

We now have a team of almost 70 experts in SEO, curriculum design, professional development, sales, marketing, and much more. 


Black History 365® is an educational entity whose purpose is to create cutting-edge resources that invite students, educators, and other readers to become:

  • critical thinkers
  • compassionate listeners
  • fact-based, respectful communicators
  • action-oriented solutionists


This stated 4-fold objective has informed every aspect of the research and development of the BH365® curriculum. BH365® has included pedagogical layers in its K-12 curriculum that assist in achieving those four objectives, while meeting and exceeding the educational standards of all 50 states.

There are many political land mines that we all observe and hear about daily. In early 2019, the BH365® authors, Dr. Walter Milton, Jr., Dr. Joel A. Freeman, and the entire BH365® team developed a SWOT Analysis on the project with a special focus on the Weaknesses and potential Threats.

As for the Strengths and Opportunities, we were compelled to clarify many misconceptions, while dissolving baseless stereotypes. 

Therefore, we decided to establish our curriculum on the razor's edge, assisted by the use of two core terms:

  • truthcentrism
  • solutionist

BH365® engages all ages - from K to gray. It is designed in such a way that neither the political right nor the political left will be able to co-opt it. We want to reach both/all perspectives with our “love letter” to the world.

Time is the best friend of truth. The BH365® curriculum is what it is. Over time, it will define itself.

Therefore, we will not set up our curriculum in some sort of an ideological battle or direct collaboration with Critical Race Theory (CRT), the 1619 Project, the 1776 Project, the BLM organization, et al. Nor will we adopt politically charged terms that tend to detract from our essence when seeking to describe BH365®.


We provide relational-based culture tools for students in advance so they can productively engage in hot topics through our proprietary process, "The Elephant Experience®”.

Wherever, there is a binary choice in the process, we offer both sides of the issue to pry readers loose from their echo chambers and confirmation bias bubbles. In that way they can engage in the Socratic method, hopefully coming to some sort of an individual or collective understanding of a particular subject matter.

BH365® is not a math curriculum where “'s the teacher's go teach”. That is pretty much a transactional approach. BH365® is more missional.

We are dealing with issues that have vexed our country for centuries. That is why we created a top-notch Professional Development (PD) team. Our BH365® PD team comes alongside teachers, helping them to embrace all sorts of personal thoughts and emotions through our proprietary program titled: "From Cultural Competence to Cultural Humility."

We also encourage them to leave any personal agendas at the door of their respective classrooms so that they can genuinely facilitate a student-centered experience — the central purpose of education excellence.

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